Sarah helped me thoroughly with gaining clarity, focus and direction for my venture. I really got to build a solid foundation and create an even stronger vision for the future. What I found especially helpful were her analytical skills and her strategic strength, something I was lacking a lot. Her guidance and support helped me creating a pilot programme that both fits my target group as well as it fits me.

Another thing I found to of value was that she has a lot of experience with and interest in personal and spiritual development. And that’s exactly the field I’m woking in. This made me trust her a lot, because she understood my target market and could think along in a very specific way.

I think it’s rare to find someone who both has strategic qualities as a business coach as well as a developed consciousness. Above all she carries a kind heart! If you want to take the right steps in a short amount of time and you are looking for an individual approach, than I can really recommend working with Sarah.

- Elise de Bruijn
Owner, Elise Bodywork

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"Sarah is an extremely knowledgeable expert in an online business building. She helped me implement a strategy to gain more clients following a simple model. If you want to get more visibility, hire Sarah"

- Alena Hielema
Owner, Alena Hielema Coaching

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“Sarah brings an intelligent and structured approach to any business’ needs. She helped me gain clarity on my offers and crafted my million dollar message. Also, she provided a clear-cut process to developing and marketing programs. Thank you so much Sarah for all your help!”

- Kimberly Spencer
Owner, Crown Yourself

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"Sarah was professional, kind, and efficient. She locked down a product statement for me in a matter of minutes. Her mastery of NLP is apparent when working with her. She used language to narrow down my thoughts and also expand where I needed to. She did everything and our time was cordial and friendly! She really was incredibly efficient and patient with me with all my device changes and interruptions. I loved her use of NLP and was totally impressed by the way we created a product right there on the spot and for an ideal client."

- Leanne 

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"I was working with Sarah for a few months and her guidance and care made all the difference. I was working towards loving myself and finding how to be comfortable with who I am and stop being harsh on myself. Her care and non-judgmental nature were just what I needed to move forward and be kind to myself instead of beating myself up about certain things all the time! I have learned to be patient with myself and just go with the flow and stop trying to prove myself all the time. She had believed in me all the way so I was able to get out of my hump and turn things around in my personal life and my business! Sarah is a superstar and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a business coach with a soft heart who is able to nurture and understand and help you to build a business with a softer feminine approach."

- Gabriella Csaszar
Owner, Hypnotic Love Connections


It only serves to show what sort of person a man must be who can’t even get testimonials. No, no; if a man brings references, it proves nothing; but if he can’t, it proves a great deal.
— Joseph Pulitzer