How do you use your lead magnet to actually get leads?

The purpose of the lead magnet is for your potential clients to get to know you and your offer better. You want to give them a sample of your products with minimal risks. A lead magnet is usually a free resource or an incentive given when a potential client opts-in. After opt-in the potential client is now a lead. For a lead magnet to work, and actually generate leads, you need to get a few things right. 

·      Know you clients. What are they looking for? How can you help them with their burning questions? What is it that they need and want? Are you sure or are you just guessing? Doing proper market research is vital. Only when a lead magnet fits with the needs and wants of your avatar will they have enough incentive to opt-in. 

·      Know your customer journey. Where are they coming from? How far along are they on the road to their destination. Are they in a position to opt-in? Can they actually use your leadmagnet? Does your lead magnet help them get a little further along from A to B? Again, knowing your audience is important. Be sure, as a part of your market research, to have regular interviews or surveys with your current customers.

·      Know your data. What is working and what is not? You need to be tracking all the details. Have your Facebook pixels and Google Analytics set up so you can see where your leads go and where you are losing opportunity. Retarget to optimise conversion rate.

·      Know your value. The leadmagnet is a small taste of the product you are offering. So don’t be shy about providing value. You want your wow your audience. You want them to leave with the feeling ‘WOW and this is just their free stuff, their paid program will be even better’. BUT! Don’t confuse value with content. The value is not in the amount of information you give. The value is in the TRANSFORMATION you create. Help them transform with your lead magnet and you will have your 1000 true fans in no time. 

Let me know in the comments, is your lead magnet working? If not, which step will you be paying closer attention to?